FAFSA filers should be aware of the following regarding requests for dependency overrides:

Dependent Students

If based on your FAFSA you are considered a dependent student, but feel that you have unusual circumstances that need to be considered, you may submit a Professional Judgment Request for a dependency override.

Before you submit your request, please note the conditions listed below, DO NOT qualify as unusual circumstances meriting a dependency override:

  • Parents refuse to contribute to the student’s education.
  • Parents are unwilling to provide information on the FAFSA or for verification.
  • Parents do not claim the student as a dependent for income tax purposes.
  • Student demonstrates total self-sufficiency

If you still feel you are a candidate for a dependency override, you must submit a Professional Judgment Request. Your request will be reviewed by the Office of Financial Aid to determine next steps.

Reaffirmation of Independence

Independent status must be re-documented each year, even if we verified your independent status in a previous year. Any documentation you need to complete for the current year will be listed under your required documents in the Financial Aid Student Portal.