What is FERPA?

The Office of Financial Aid cannot share student account information with parents or guardians without written consent from the student (in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, also known as FERPA).

Please visit this page to learn how to provide consent.

Financial Aid Student Portal Library

This page will provide resources to help you view your 2022-2023 Financial Aid Awards, navigate the Financial Aid Student Portal and understand details about your financial aid.  Information will be updated as it becomes available, so check back often if you need assistance!

If you are a continuing student looking to view your financial aid from 2021-2022 or prior, please click here.

Important Information for Students

Viewing Your Financial Aid Awards

  • Only students, who received email notification from the Rutgers Office of Financial Aid, will be able to view their 2022-2023 awards at this time. Most continuing students will receive notification when they can access their 2022-2023 awards in the portal (approx mid-late June).
  • You must activate your NetID, before attempting to view your awards.
  • To view your 2022-2023 Rutgers Financial Aid Awards and/or Required Documents in the Financial Aid Student Portal, you must log in to the myRutgers dashboard using your NetID and password. Please do not attempt to access the portal via any other link or webpage.
  • Do not bookmark the Financial Aid Student Portal. Using bookmarks will direct you to a page that is not compatible with NetID login. You must log in to the myRutgers dashboard to access your financial aid information.
  • Always close your web browser when you are done viewing your financial aid information, especially when using shared computers/kiosks. If you fail to close your browser, a subsequent user may inadvertently access your financial aid information.

Required Documents

  • Both incoming and continuing students will receive an email if additional documents are required to finalize your 2022-2023 aid package.
  • You must grant authorization to the myGuest Dashboard in order for your parents/guardians to view your financial aid information. They will then be able to set up their CommunityID, which they will use to log in.
    • Please choose the Custodial permission level if your parent/guardian needs to submit requested documentation in the portal. 
  • Once you submit a document, it will remain in a “received” state until a Financial Aid administrator reviews it. After they’ve reviewed it, they will give it an “acceptable” or “unacceptable” status. If a document is in an “unacceptable” or “rejected” state, you will be able to resubmit the document and view comments on it from the Financial Aid administrator who reviewed it. Please see the Resubmitting Rejected or Unacceptable Documents video or the Viewing and Submitting Required Documents quick guide below for more details.


  • If you receive a merit-based scholarship, it is your obligation to review, understand, and meet the renewal and eligibility criteria standards associated with your merit-based scholarship award(s).
  • Merit-based scholarship offers for Newark and New Brunswick undergraduate students are not guaranteed if you commit to attend Rutgers University after May 1.

Federal Loans

  • If you were offered federal loans, at such a time that you are eligible to complete the loan acceptance process, you will receive an email notification that includes instructions for accepting or declining your federal loans. If you have already received that email, please follow the instructions to complete the loan acceptance process. Please do not attempt to complete the process until you receive the email notification. In addition, your loans must be in an awarded status to complete the acceptance process.
  • Students who receive federal loans are required to complete entrance counseling in the Financial Aid Student Portal. It is highly recommended that you complete entrance counseling prior to accepting any loans, to understand how to borrow responsibly.


Information for Authorized Users (Parents/Guardians/Third Parties)

The myGuest Dashboard provides authorized users such as parents, guardians, and third parties with the ability to view student information online. Students must grant authorization to guests and choose which information they will be able to view. Please note: A guest will only be able to view financial aid information if the student granted them access to do so. In addition, students must choose the Custodial permission level when granting access if authorized users need to submit requested documentation.

Once the student completes the authorization process, the guest will be able to register by creating a CommunityID.

Information on creating a CommunityID and logging in

How-to Guide for Authorized Users

Information on accessing student Financial Aid information

Logging In Guide for Authorized Users

Viewing Financial Aid Awards Guide for Authorized Users

Viewing and Submitting Required Documents for Authorized Users

Need further assistance? Contact  your regional One Stop Student Services Center. RBHS students, please contact your campus Office of Financial Aid.