2023-2024 FAFSA
Available on October 1

If you plan on
attending Rutgers
during the 2023-2024
academic year,
complete the FAFSA to
apply for financial aid.

Fact Check

The INS permits photocopying Certificate of Naturalization/Citizenship documents if done for lawful purposes, such as applying for student financial aid funds.

Financial Aid for Summer Courses

Limited financial aid is available for summer courses. Students are encouraged to plan early and to take advantage of the payment plans available for summer classes.


To be eligible for summer financial aid, a FAFSA must be completed for the prior academic year. Some graduate students will also need to submit a FAFSA for the upcoming academic year. Students must also be matriculated (seeking a degree) and cannot be conditionally readmitted.

Students wishing to be considered for summer aid will be held to the standards of academic progress policy. Summer aid is contingent upon meeting satisfactory academic progress, or the requirements of your academic plan, if applicable. Academic progress will be measured after spring grades are posted. If you fail to meet academic progress or the requirements of your plan, your summer aid will be canceled.

To be eligible for summer aid, please be sure you have:

  • completed a 2022-2023 FAFSA (or a 2023-2024 FAFSA if applicable*)
  • met all standards of the academic progress policy
  • enrolled in the minimum number of credits to receive aid

*If you are admitted to one of the following programs (which begins in the summer of 2023) you must file a 2023-2024 FAFSA before we can process your federal direct loan for the summer:

  • Graduate School of Education
  • Graduate School of Social Work
  • Professional Accounting program
  • Masters in Accountancy in Financial Accounting (MACCY) program
  • Camden Law
  • Camden Graduate School

Students enrolling in the summer 2023 Professional Accounting Program or the MACCY program should contact the Newark Office of Financial Aid once they have filed the FAFSA.


Undergraduates and RBS students (both undergraduate and graduate) must be enrolled for at least 6 summer credits to receive federal direct loans or a parent PLUS loan for undergraduate students. Graduate and law students must be enrolled for at least 3 summer credits to receive federal direct loans or a graduate PLUS loan.

UndergraduateGraduate/Law SchoolRutgers Business School (Newark)
Full-time12 or more credits6 or more credits12 or more credits
Three-quarters time9-11.5 creditsN/A9-11.5 credits
Half-time6-8.5 credits3-5.5 credits6-8.5 credits
Less than half-time5.5 or less credits2.5 or less credits5.5 or less credits