RU HERE Attendance Confirmation

RU HERE – Confirmation of Attendance Process

At the start of each semester, students need to complete the RU HERE confirmation of attendance process when attempting to access any online system which requires log-in with their Rutgers NetID. Students must participate in RU HERE before the deadline or their classes and financial aid will be cancelled.

For questions regarding the RU HERE process, email

Step by Step Process

  1. Once you log-in, you will be presented with a pop-up window where you will be able to confirm your enrollment plans.
  2. The Financial Responsibility Statement (FRS) is a mandatory agreement accepting financial obligations and responsibilities for attendance. If you do not have a valid FRS on file, you will not be prompted to “Agree” to the terms of the FRS.
  3. Please ensure you complete the “RU HERE” process and do not log out of the system early. If you do not receive a message confirming completion of the process (shown below), then you have not reached the end of the process, and must start again.