Rutgers ID Cards

Whenever students are on campus, their Rutgers ID Card must be on their person and readily available. Generally, a Rutgers ID Card provides access to services such as:  

  • Attendance verification 
  • Events 
  • Checkout privileges at Rutgers University libraries 
  • Computer labs and printing services 
  • Recreation centers 
  • Purchased meal plans and debit account options 
  • Assigned housing and other University building access 

New students* are provided a Rutgers ID Card prior to their arrival to campus. To obtain a replacement Rutgers ID Card, please visit an ID Card Office on your campus.
*International students receive their Rutgers ID Card upon arriving to campus.  

Should your Rutgers ID Card contain an error, please contact the RU Express and Board Plan Office for further instructions. Please report lost Rutgers ID Cards to Identity and Access Management.