REGIS Approval Process

Only authorized persons can view, download, and administer their class rosters.

Approval Process for Access to Class Rosters:

Approved Access can be granted on a READ ONLY and/or GRANT/READ basis. Approval for class rosters can be at the following levels:

Unit Subject Course Section Term Yr = ACCESS GRANTED FOR:
Ex: 16 350 238 01 Fall 2000 = Access for this course only
Ex: 16 350 All Fall 2000 = Access for all 16:350 courses
Ex: 16 All Fall 2000 = Access for all Sch 16 courses


The Registrar will distribute access approval to the School/Dean.

The Dean of the School will then distribute access to Department Chairs.

(Approvals will roll over each semester for those with “All:Unit” or “All:Subject” access.)

Department Chairs will distribute access to faculty.

Faculty will distribute access to TA’s.

(Approval will need to be granted each semester (Fall, Spring, Summer) for all other access.)

Timing for viewing rosters online beginning in:

November – Spring Rosters will be available February – Summer Rosters will be available April – Fall Rosters will be available

Files can be downloaded in:

EXCEL Format Comma Delimited Format Specific format for setting up a Listserv

Download data contains:

Student ID Numbers and Student email Addresses Email addresses are pulled from the online directory; faculty should encourage students to keep their information in the directory up-to-date.