myGuest Dashboard Frequently Asked Questions


What is an authorized user?

Students can give parents, guardians or third parties access to view student information online. The individual granted access is referred to as an authorized user.

How do I create an authorized user?
  • Log-in to your myRutgers Dashboard
  • Click on the Authorized Access icon on the My Profile widget
  • Click on Add a User icon
  • Complete the online form and select the information the user will be authorized to view

Once you complete the set-up process, your authorized user will receive an automated email notification to register and create a Community ID account.

What information can an authorized user view?

This dashboard allows you to give parents, guardians, and third parties access to view certain content and services related to your experience at the university such as your class schedule, financial aid offers, and term bill.

You may also grant permission to discuss your information with the Dean of Students Office, Judicial Affairs and Residence Life. Information related to these areas will not be included on the dashboard.

What is a pin number?

Authorized users need to use their four-digit pin (created at the time of grant authorized user access) when calling or visiting university departments for assistance regarding the information they have been authorized to view. Rutgers University administrators will validate the pin and the authorized user’s access before speaking with the individual to protect the rights of the students.

How do I revoke access?

While the university is offering this service to parents and students, access will not be granted without your permission due to the protection of student rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Under FERPA, students may restrict what information their parents/guardians are able to access. Therefore, you have the ability to revoke permission levels or access at any time.

  • Log-in to your myRutgers Dashboard
  • Click on the Authorized Access icon on the MyProfile widget
  • Click on the Edit icon to the right of the appropriate authorized user’s name to revoke or change access permissions.


How-to Video for Students

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