Obtain an Apostille

What is an Apostille?

An Apostille is a document issued by the government, such as the State of New Jersey, attesting to the legal status of notaries and certain other public officials who have notarized another document, such as a diploma or transcript. They are often used in transactions involving international document exchange, for the benefit of a foreign government, or to secure employment in a foreign country. An Apostille is provided if the transaction involves a country that subscribes to the Hague Treaty.

Procedures for Obtaining an Apostille

A student applying for an apostille can get their diploma/transcript notarized by the Registrar’s Office. The student can either hand deliver or mail the notarized document along with the original document and payment to:

Sending FedEx/UPS or Personal Delivery: Mail via 1st Class USPS:
The Office of Commercial Recording NJ Division of Revenue
Division of Revenue, Business Services Notary Unit
33 West State Street, 5th Floor PO Box 452
Trenton, NJ 08608-1214 Trenton, NJ 08646


The fee is $25.00 per document. Expedited service is available for an additional charge of $15.00 per document. This service ensures a processing time of 8 ½ business hours, however, all expedited work is returned by regular mail (which may add several days) unless other arrangements are made.

Processing time for mailed requests is typically 15 business days or more. Same day service is NOT available for delivered documents. Please send questions regarding apostilles to universityreg@registrar.rutgers.edu.

Please click on the links below for pertinent information regarding processing time and payment options: