Federal Work Study Program (FWSP)

Students who wish to be considered for the FWSP must be financially eligible according to federal and university policy. Students must meet all annual Office of Financial Aid eligibility parameters for obtaining aid, and must adhere to all deadlines. In particular, students must file the FAFSA by the Rutgers priority deadline. Continuing students must also meet a minimum earnings requirement, established by the OFA, in order to be eligible from year to year.

Job Application/Placement Process for Rutgers Students

FWSP-eligible students will see “Federal Work Study” on their Offer Letter, as well as a link to the Federal Work Study Job Application.

New FWSP students must complete and submit a job application in order to be placed in a job. It is important to be very thorough and accurate when completing the job application.  Students should consult the general job categories list when completing the application.

Continuing FWSP students will receive an email each spring regarding placement for the upcoming academic year.  Continuing students who indicate on the survey that they wish to be placed in a new job, will receive a link to the job application on their Financial Aid Offer Letter.

The SEO will place students who have completed job applications in FWSP jobs based on the information provided on the job application, on a first-come, first-served basis.  Requests to work in specific departments will be considered whenever possible. FWSP job placements are authorized by the Student Employment Office only.

Notification of job placements begins in June and continues through the start of the academic year.

FWSP-eligible students will receive an email with instructions on how to view their job placements. Job placement information and supervisor contact information will be included. Students must reach out to their supervisors to discuss the details of their job, scheduling, payroll, start date, etc. Students who do not receive a job placement email by the start of the semester should contact the SEO.

Information for RBHS Students

RBHS students interested in a part-time job through the FWSP can contact the appropriate FWSP coordinator.

Newark – Cynthia Hamlett-Robinson

Piscataway – Jaime Hudson

Off-Campus Community Service Program

FWSP-eligible students can choose to earn their funds by working in approved Off-Campus Community Service Program (OCCSP) positions.

Students are not placed in OCCSP jobs. They must contact the organization they are interested in working for and be hired by the organization.

Once hired, students must inform their regional SEO of the job they have been hired for and must also set up an appointment for payroll registration by contacting the appropriate staff member:

Students cannot begin working in OCCSP jobs until they have completed the payroll registration process.

On the Job Information

Learn more about getting paid, work schedules, departmental rules, and more on the student resources page.